Prescription Colored Contacts

Millions of people around the world wear contact lenses. Contact lenses don’t just come clear, but in many different colors. Colored contacts are popular among people wishing to change their eye color. Some people wear them to reflect their personality, and there is nothing wrong with expressing oneself. Colored contacts need a prescription from an optometrist before they can be bought. An eye exam and a contact lens fitting will be done to make sure that the proper prescription is given and that the person can wear contact lenses because some people may feel discomfort while wearing them.

Prescription colored contacts are growing in popularity and more than 35 million people wear contact lenses. Colored contacts are usually wider than regular contacts so that they cover the original eye color. There are hazel, green, blue, violet, brown, gray, aqua and bright colored contact lenses. They are effective on people with light, medium or dark colored eyes. Anybody with a prescription can purchase prescription colored contacts to wear for everyday use, parties or special occasions. Contacts for daily or weekly wear are available .

Prescription colored contacts cost a little more than regular contacts, but they can be found online through many optical retailer centers at discounted prices. Rebates and other deals are made if a customer purchases a certain amount of boxes. Colored contacts require a prescription under United States law and can only be purchased with one, even if online. The online retailer will verify the order by contacting the physician who wrote the prescription.

The rich colors of prescription colored contacts are attractive and can accentuate any person’s personality. Wearing corrective lenses doesn’t have to be boring anymore, but adventurous, risky and fun. Colored contacts are a great way to grab people’s attention and say, “Here I am!”